Advanced/Board Review Course

ishrs advanced board review 2023

Date: Wednesday/November 1, 2023
$495 USD

Course Description

The 2023 ISHRS Advanced/Board Review Course is designed to assist aspiring candidates seeking certification by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery in focusing their studies for the written and oral examinations which lead to certification. In addition, candidates will be exposed to the screening criteria utilized by the ABHRS in assessing for the presence of those behavioral clinical skills that embrace the highest quality ethical standards patients are seeking in choosing their surgeon.

Faculty will cover the latest standards of care in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of hair loss disorders, examining scarring and non-scarring alopecias, and medical and surgical management, including FUE and Strip Excision (SE) donor harvesting and conservative hair transplant surgery design. In person lectures ensure direct personal discussion and instruction.

Chairs and Faculty

Chair: Timothy P. Carman, MD, FISHRS | USA
Co-Chair: Shalini Malhotra, MBBS, DNB | India

Christopher M. D’Souza, MBBS | United Kingdom
Steven Gabel, MD, FISHRS | USA
Karl J. Hekimian, MD | USA
Rana M. Irfan, MBBS, FISHRS | Pakistan
Daniel J. Lee, MD | USA
Parsa Mohebi, MD, FISHRS | USA
Mayank Singh, MBBS, MS, MCh | India
Ken L. Williams, DO, FISHRS | USA
Georgios Zontos, MD, MSc, PhD, FISHRS | Denmark