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Let’s Get Social! #ISHRS2023

We welcome you to share your excitement about participating in the ISHRS World Congress on social media. Help us to get #ISHRS2023 trending online and encourage others to register!

What You Can Do:

  1. Share a video on your social channel of why you are attending and/or if you have attended a previous meeting, share a testimonial of your experience.
  2. Get ready for some personalized photo magic! Introducing our fantastic collection of 7 stunning images showcasing the breathtaking beauty of India. Pick your favorite design from the fabulous seven below, and watch as we sprinkle in your charming headshot and name.

References to use when sharing:

Use webpage link

Use hashtag #ISHRS2023

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Request your personalized custom Join Me #ISHRS2023 image

Send an email to Blanca Mejia, ISHRS Integrated Communications manager at and include:

  • Your most recent headshot
  • Design option desired
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