ishrs 31 world congress

The Hair Follicle – From Beginning to End

ISHRS 31st World Congress

November 1-4, 2023

The ISHRS 2023 World Congress in Delhi, India included 3 days of world-class education on the most relevant topics for hair restoration surgeons. If you were not able to join us in Delhi, you still have the opportunity to register for the on-demand recorded meeting to view 10 General Sessions and 3 lunch symposia. Recorded access must be purchased by March 1 and can be viewed through March 14, 2024.


Message from ISHRS President

“To welcome you all, I will be personally there, to make sure you experience the culture, food, festivals and the colors of India.”

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Featured Speakers

George Cotsarelis, MD

George Cotsarelis, MD
Norwood Lecturer (and Guest Lecturer)
Opportunities Within the Growth Cycle for Promoting Hair Growth/
Is Hair Regeneration a Reality?

Melissa Harris, MD

Melissa Harris, PhD
Stough Lecturer

Hair Ageing
and Greying

Maria Kasper, MD

Maria Kasper, PhD
Advances in Hair Biology Lecturer

Follicle Cell Types and
Their Origins

Maryann Senna, MD

Maryanne Makredes Senna, MD
Guest Lecturer

What Do We Understand
About Scarring Alopecias?

M. Julie Thornton, PhD

M. Julie Thornton, PhD
Guest Lecturer
How Biomes Affect
Hair Health and Disease

Incredible India!

Updates from Gregory Williams, MBBS, FISHRS, Program Chair

williams, greg
ishrs world congress delhi india

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