Faculty Information

Welcome! We are so excited to have you as a member of the faculty for ISHRS 31st World Congress – Delhi. Please read the items below carefully, be diligent in reading your emails from the ISHRS, and reach out to Melanie Stancampiano, Programs Director, with any questions here.

All faculty should review the details in this important document. Please note, the file submission process is new this year for moderator review and onsite submission of presentations. It is important you note these changes for 2023.

Important Dates for Faculty

  1. All speakers in General Sessions and Lunch Symposia should submit a near-final version of their talk for content review by September 17, 2023. Files should be uploaded directly into Cadmium, following the link you received in your email notification.
  2. Download Congress PowerPoint Template here.
  3. All CSI Presenters should upload their presentation files by September 1, 2023. Presenters may upload a Poster and/or Video. Files should be uploaded directly to Cadmium, following the link you received in your email notification.

See addtional information for the CSI Presentations in the button below.

CSI presenters are also required to submit a highlight video by July 24, 2023. Additional information can be found on the CSI Faculty page.

Presentation Preparation

Faculty of the 2023 ISHRS World Congress are encouraged to follow best practices in keeping the audience’s attention during their presentation. We know that people only have an attention span of 7-10 minutes. We encourage you to read more about keeping the attention of audience members. Here is a useful 5 part series of articles with some tips which includes:

  • Three Ways to Prevent People From Tuning You Out
  • People Need To Feel Safe In Order to Participate
  • Four Ways To Surprise People During Your Speech
  • How Many Minutes Is The Audience’s Attention Span?
  • Fear of Loss Trumps Anticipation of Gains

Before and After Photos

It is highly encouraged to watch this videos in the links below and review the ten tips for taking great before and after pictures and mastering clinical photography as you prepare your abstract and presentation, in order to have the highest quality before & after photos: