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Cultural Significance of Hair

cultural significance hair india

The World Congress is just a few weeks away and we will gather together in Delhi to learn about and discuss our favorite scientific topic – hair loss and hair restoration. But what about the religious and cultural importance of hair in India? For Sikhs, hair holds significance as a natural gift from the creator, …

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Ayurveda and Yoga

yoga in india

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The name ‘Ayurveda’ is derived from two Sanskrit words: ‘Ayur’, meaning life, and ‘Veda’, meaning knowledge or science. Ayurveda seeks to promote health and well-being by balancing the body, mind, and spirit. It operates on the belief that health depends …

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Indian Music & Dance

classical indian music

Classical Indian music is a rich and ancient art form that has evolved over thousands of years. Rooted in spirituality and culture, it is considered one of the world’s oldest musical traditions. There are two major schools of classical Indian music: Hindustani and Carnatic. Hindustani music is prevalent in North India, while Carnatic music is …

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Vibrant Indian Garments

incredible india 1

If you have not been to India before, it is hard to describe the vibrancy that constitutes Indian fashion. Every crowd is a kaleidoscope of hues. On every outing, one is bombarded with a rainbow of colours in the garments that are worn. Despite globalisation, India has managed to preserve its traditional clothing which is …

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Architecture in India

temple ellora india

If you ask someone which is the most famous building in India, the majority of people will say the Taj Mahal or ‘Crown Palace.’ Located in Agra, made of white marble and built between 1631 and 1653, it was commissioned by the 5th Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his favourite wife Mumtaz …

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Art and Literature in India

hindu goddess india delhi

Incredible India! If you are an art lover, there are few countries with a longer art history than India’s which goes back 10,000 years. Starting with the Bhimbetka cave drawings which show animals and hunting scenes, Indian paintings give an insight into life through the ages. The people of the Indus valley civilization produced the …

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Transportation in India

india travel

When you fly in and out of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, you will be one of just under 40 million passengers who do so annually. Air India is the country’s national airline which serves a total of 39 international and 46 domestic destinations. The Air India logo features a red swan (symbolising …

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India’s Festivals

india diwali (1)

Because India is so diverse culturally and so big geographically, it is not surprising that there are many holidays and festivals which are celebrated there every year.Independence Day, which is on August 15, commemorates the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom on 15 August 1947, the day when the provisions of the Indian Independence Act, …

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Jewellery in India

india bracelets 1

Jewellery is important in India and is deeply interwoven in its culture. Indian jewellery made of bones, stones, and shells dates back more than 5000 years. India was one of the first countries to make jewellery from metals and gemstones and today, India is one of the largest consumers of gold in the world buying …

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Animals as National Symbols

animals of india

If I were to ask you which animal you associate with India, many of you would probably say a tiger or an elephant. Royal Bengal Tigers are one of the 5 remaining species of tigers living and they are the country’s national animal. There are now about 3000 tigers in the wild in India, but …

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